Haters come out to defend GA’s gay marriage ban

It didn't take long for the anti-gays to surface after gay Georgians filed a lawsuit against the state's marriage ban. The takeaway? Repent and pray for the guy who will stand up and fight you in court.    READ MORE »

Meet the 7 people suing to overturn Georgia’s gay marriage ban

A veterinarian. A business manager. Two Atlanta police officers. A lawyer. A Realtor. A widow. Those are the seven plaintiffs behind a federal lawsuit filed Tuesday to undo Georgia's nearly 10-year-old ban on gay marriage.    READ MORE »

Your chance to sway Pride’s next grand marshal

Atlanta Pride is all over the planning for this year’s festival already, and they need you to help crown the belle or belles of the ball. That’s right. Act now to get your say in Pride’s parade grand marshal selections.    READ MORE »

Hot Easter bunnies invade Ten’s Big Hare Games

Everyone is welcome in gay Atlanta, but if the cuties outnumber the rest of us, you won’t find any complaints here. Such was the scene on Sunday at Ten, where a crowd of gay studs got together for Easter.    READ MORE »

Nothing says Easter like debauchery at Church

There’s built-in irreverence in a bar called Church. When it’s Atlanta’s gay-owned Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room and DJ Vicki Powell’s Sunday Service set on Easter, you’re going to hell. And you’ll love getting there.    READ MORE »

Gay ATL floods Burkhart’s with Easter mayhem

The one reason much of gay Atlanta gets excited about Easter went down Sunday, when the Armorettes hosted hundreds for their annual Drag Races and bonnet contest in the Burkhart's parking lot.    READ MORE »

Vote ATL queens onto next ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’

We have something to help you weather the storm as you get over the loss of gay Atlanta’s own Trinity K. Bonet “RuPaul’s Drag Race”: Two contests to get ATL drag divas back on Logo.    READ MORE »

Director brings ‘Tennessee Queer’ back to ATL

To say he’s lived and breathed “Tennessee Queer” the last four years is an understatement. Writer, producer and co-director Mark Jones returns his comedy to Atlanta this weekend.    READ MORE »

Gay supporters rally for Kyle Williams campaign

LGBT supporters rallied around Kyle Williams on Thursday as the gay attorney continued to raise cash for a Democratic Senate primary that has him pitted against a gay-friendly foe.    READ MORE »

The 17 best Atlanta chests on Grindr this week

From hairy muscled goodness to toned and trimmed, Grindr guys come in all shapes of rippedness and for that we give thanks. And gay Atlanta guys keep offering up irresistible batches of ablicious mancandy.    READ MORE »

25 epic Easter bonnet moments gay Atlanta won’t soon forget

“In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it, you’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade. I’ll be all in clover, and when they look you over, I’ll be the proudest fellow in the Easter parade.”    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

Ready? Set. Go! Find your mark and prepare to dash during gay Atlanta's traditional Easter Drag Races, but not before other awesome LGBT Easter Weekend events that won't be ignored.    READ MORE »

Pornster Chris Harder fluffs Hump Day at Blake’s

Go-go boy and porn star Chris Harder made Hump Day even humpier on Wednesday as Blake's spiced up its yoUVee party with beats, boys and some cash.    READ MORE »

Big gay show fetes two years of sexy fun-raising

With strippers that do comedy, leathermen, flying tortillas and simulated balloon sex, the Big Gay Game Show celebrated two years of making laughs and money for charity on Wednesday.    READ MORE »

Falcons keen on drafting NFL’s first gay player

Georgia is ready for an openly gay NFL player. So are the Atlanta Falcons, so ready that the team is hinting it's one of six squads interested in drafting Michael Sam.    READ MORE »

This is why you don’t get a gay reporter drunk at your house

When you’re a former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star who got used to unwarranted attention, you might over-serve a gay Atlanta magazine reporter known for airing dirty laundry. Ask Kim Zolciak Biermann.    READ MORE »

Atlanta’s gay weather daddy loves his cocktails

Give New York transplant and soon-to-be HRC honoree Sam Champion a cocktail and a kiki and Atlanta's new gay weather daddy gets Southern. Real Southern.    READ MORE »

Atlanta queen’s inspiring ‘Drag Race’ run over

Her runway flair carried her this far, but Atlanta queen Trinity K. Bonet's troubles with the main challenges finally proved fatal on "RuPaul's Drag Race." So she sashayed away.    READ MORE »

Give back to Lost N Found while Kroger-ing

Your grocery shopping might be one of the less glamorous gay things to do in Atlanta, but onto the Gay Agenda it must go. LGBT organizations upped the ante on your motivation to get it done.    READ MORE »

Atlanta Eagle celebrates by crowning new top daddy

J.P. Paquette topped three other men to take the crown (and leather sash) to become Mr. Atlanta Eagle on Saturday during an evening of cosplay, role play and leather fun.    READ MORE »