These gays keep the drama in their mod bedroom

This gay Atlanta couple treats their stylish home as a playpen. They show off their culinary tricks in a roomy kitchen, keep the drink cart fully stocked and only unleash the drama in their stylish bedroom.    READ MORE »

This guy has the gayest Rolodex in gay Atlanta

Flip through the Rolodex of Joey Helton and this much is clear. He knows people. Lots of gay people. And they know famous people. If you know Helton, you're close to Gloria Estefan and Joan Rivers.    READ MORE »

Jezebel names Ten as Atlanta’s ‘Best Gay Bar’

The annual Best of Atlanta issue is out, and so are many of its winners. The issue is heavy with gay-inclusion as it should be, but you may not always agree with which establishments topped the list.    READ MORE »

Senate race with gay hopeful icky, costly affair

A campaign between two Democrats, one of them gay, for a state Senate seat is turning into a nasty, expensive affair splitting LGBT allegiances, prompting calls of dirty tricks and raising $315,000.    READ MORE »

Meet-cute with Totally Tyler before your Atlanta ‘Double Date’

It’s been a while since our first date with Totally Tyler, the former gay Atlanta writer making his way in Manhattan. He returns with his third book, and its ATL kickoff event is so much more than a "Party of One."    READ MORE »

Gay jocks press on with their gridiron games

The gay jocks of the National Flag Football League of Atlanta hit the field Saturday for their second round of regular season match ups, delivering some gridiron fun complete with drag queen cheerleaders.    READ MORE »

Kings and queens reign over MSR’s Saturday

While some of your friends are enrapt by an ATL-inclusive "Drag Race" on Logo, a very different and more in-your-face Drag Races are going on at My Sister’s Room. The battle heated up on Saturday.    READ MORE »

Meet the gay Republican running for the Georgia House

A gay Republican and former opera singer hopes to unseat a Democrat incumbent in a district that leans Democratic on his way to becoming the first openly gay man elected to the Georgia House.    READ MORE »

Dirty dozen Atlanta Braves heat up 2014 roster

It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it. As the Atlanta Braves open their season and gay fans steel ourselves for hot jock overload, we hone in on the hottest guys in this season’s lineup.    READ MORE »

Arts fest makes perfect gay day in the park

Like they are wont to do, the good folks at Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces nailed another event that brings arts and crafts, weekenders and the outdoors together during Spring Festival on Ponce.    READ MORE »

DJ Abel kicks off White Party with an epic Atlanta set

What was so epic about Saturday? Legendary beats, a local hothouse for dancing boys, Atlanta’s “it boy” party promoters and one of the country’s biggest annual gay parties. Just a typical night at Jungle.    READ MORE »

Bucks scrum their way through rugby three way

The Atlanta Bucks hosted a rugby three way on Saturday, hitting a pitch in southeast Atlanta for a round robin tournament with gay squads from Nashville and Charleston.    READ MORE »

Joining Hearts gives cocktail twist to Sunday tea

The drum beat to gay Atlanta's biggest pool party fundraiser continued on Sunday as Change of Seasons drew a crowd to the terrace of a swanky hotel in Midtown.    READ MORE »

AIDS riders toast way toward big gay vaccine ride

Another beautiful Saturday shone on gay Atlanta just in time to raise the roof and some money on a margarita bust and benefit. The riders of the AV200 and their supporters took full advantage at Zocalo.    READ MORE »

Jerusalem House parties with stars to say thanks

Jerusalem House toasted its supporters for 25 years of support with a swanky party and silent auction at the Biltmore in Midtown Atlanta on Thursday.    READ MORE »

Delta chief blasts anti-gay efforts in Georgia

Delta CEO Richard Anderson and other business leaders in Atlanta came out swinging against efforts to pass "social legislation" in Georgia, calling the anti-gay measures harmful to business.    READ MORE »

The 15 best Atlanta chests on Grindr this week

Picking the perfect chests on Grindr is arduous work. But since we provided our picks for the 18 best Atlanta chests, you've asked for more. So we toughed it out to find you more torsos.    READ MORE »

These 5 couples win Big Gay (Il)legal Weddings

What’s more tenacious than a bridezilla at a dress sale? A gay groomzilla in a nationwide contest for a dream wedding. Well, hands at your sides, clamoring gay couples. The results are in.    READ MORE »

Bitter lady really wants Ga. GOP to go anti-gay

The parade of mean lady Republicans in Georgia who want to keep rallying supporters with anti-gay rhetoric is long. (There are men, too.) Yet there's always room for one more. Meet Virginia Galloway.    READ MORE »

Sex doesn’t make this gay comic ‘alternative’

Cameron Esposito is “the future of comedy.” She is a fighter pilot, a vision in denim and whip smart. The lesbian comic brings her hilarious comedy and distinct take on gay culture to Atlanta this weekend.    READ MORE »