Georgia store manager removes ‘fags’ signs

An outcry over signs in a Georgia convenience store saying that only "fags" wear baggy pants prompted the manager who made them to remove them amid clumsy attempts at damage control.    READ MORE »

Bearracuda’s hot, hunky, hairy beats hit Heretic

There are few sure bets in life or in gay Atlanta. Fortunately for dancing queens, one party returns throughout the year for a guaranteed good time. You can always count on Bearracuda at Heretic.    READ MORE »

Chick-fil-A called ‘cowards’ for not dissing gays

Poor Dan Cathy. When the Chick-fil-A CEO hated on gays, the gays hated back. Now as he tries to sort of make amends by quieting his anti-gay rhetoric, his once Christian backers are turning on him.    READ MORE »

Jungle turns 10 with pants-off dance off

When Jungle tells its patrons to strip, they do. If it happens to coincide with an extra reason to party, things get crazy. So it was on Saturday, when the club marked its 10th anniversary.    READ MORE »

Atlanta reality star: ‘Wish I had time’ to be gay

Atlanta's gayest not-gay reality show daddy, Todd Chrisley, set off Don Lemon's gaydar on "The View," prompting the gay host to press him on being "flamboyant and gay." Chrisley got sassy.    READ MORE »

HRC Atlanta toasts last lap toward big gay gala

Atlanta’s biggest LGBT black-tie soiree doesn’t just pop up ready to wow you. It takes a village of organizers, lead-up events, and cocktails to make it happen. A final push went down Thursday at STK.    READ MORE »

Positive Impact celebrates in signature style

Supporters of Positive Impact knocked back wine and downed hors d'oeuvres on Thursday as the HIV agency partied to celebrate its birthday at Wimbish House.    READ MORE »

These guys are why we love summer by the pool

It's nearly here. That time of year (summer!) when gay guys strip off their clothes (swimsuits!) and cocktail by man-made bodies of water (pools!). And four sexy guys are teasing us with what to expect.    READ MORE »

What’s it take to be Eagle’s new leather daddy?

Forget your Sunday best. Leather aficionados will sport their leather best during a celebration at the Eagle. And as the bar crowns its Mr. & Ms. Atlanta Eagle, we ask past titleholders what it takes to win.    READ MORE »

Georgia store tells ‘fags’ to pull up their pants

A business owner in LaGrange posted signs in his southwest Georgia convenience store warning customers with baggy pants that they look like "fags" and he won't serve them.    READ MORE »

Our 35 wildest moments from Jungle’s 10-year-long party

It’s been a long road to becoming gay Atlanta’s favorite dance club. At a time when legendary bars were memories and naysayers said dance bars were dead, Jungle came, saw, conquered and persevered. With a lot of fun in between.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

Two veteran Atlanta gay bar anniversaries, multiple outlets to meet gay jocks, concerts and shows for your entertainment, and all-weekend events make this a cram-packed LGBT weekend.    READ MORE »

Ga. may finally get its own gay marriage lawsuit

The ears of gay couples across Georgia just perked up with this legal tease from LGBT activists: Expect a lawsuit to challenge the state's ban on same-sex marriage.    READ MORE »

These gays keep the drama in their mod bedroom

This gay Atlanta couple treats their stylish home as a playpen. They show off their culinary tricks in a roomy kitchen, keep the drink cart fully stocked and only unleash the drama in their stylish bedroom.    READ MORE »

This guy has the gayest Rolodex in gay Atlanta

Flip through the Rolodex of Joey Helton and this much is clear. He knows people. Lots of gay people. And they know famous people. If you know Helton, you're close to Gloria Estefan and Joan Rivers.    READ MORE »

Jezebel names Ten as Atlanta’s ‘Best Gay Bar’

The annual Best of Atlanta issue is out, and so are many of its winners. The issue is heavy with gay-inclusion as it should be, but you may not always agree with which establishments topped the list.    READ MORE »

Senate race with gay hopeful icky, costly affair

A campaign between two Democrats, one of them gay, for a state Senate seat is turning into a nasty, expensive affair splitting LGBT allegiances, prompting calls of dirty tricks and raising $315,000.    READ MORE »

Meet-cute with Totally Tyler before your Atlanta ‘Double Date’

It’s been a while since our first date with Totally Tyler, the former gay Atlanta writer making his way in Manhattan. He returns with his third book, and its ATL kickoff event is so much more than a "Party of One."    READ MORE »

Gay jocks press on with their gridiron games

The gay jocks of the National Flag Football League of Atlanta hit the field Saturday for their second round of regular season match ups, delivering some gridiron fun complete with drag queen cheerleaders.    READ MORE »

Kings and queens reign over MSR’s Saturday

While some of your friends are enrapt by an ATL-inclusive "Drag Race" on Logo, a very different and more in-your-face Drag Races are going on at My Sister’s Room. The battle heated up on Saturday.    READ MORE »