Eddie Long’s gym to cruise guys cost him $2M

Why do people keep suing Eddie Long? The humble preacher just wants to keep driving his sleek black Bentley, hang out at the gym he owns, and cruise young, attractive men to do his dirty manly things to.    READ MORE »

Director’s ‘eCupid’ puts love on universal remote

Director JC Calciano knows a thing or two about gay romantic comedies. Last year’s “Is It Just Me?” was a festival fave, and this year’s “eCupid” screens Friday at Out On Film.    READ MORE »

‘The X Factor:’ Living on Planet Paula

The loopy Paula Abdul we all know and love returned this week, babbling non-sequiturs and fighting with Simon Cowell. Oh, and there were two nights of auditions in there, too.    READ MORE »

Friday: 25 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Time to wrap up working and start to work it! You're serving Friday realness with extra flair that only LGBT Atlanta can offer in today’s calendar of movies, parties, sports and theme nights.    READ MORE »

Friday: Josh Alexander gets rock solid

Josh Alexander does serene and sexy pretty well. The model bares his briefs for a wet and beachy spread dubbed Rock Solid in AXN magazine. Rock solid, indeed.    READ MORE »

Need Wood? Master the art of body language

Reading his silent signals and making sure you’re sending the right messages yourself is simple if you know the secret handshake – and these other tips on gay male body language.    READ MORE »

Matthew Ludwinski is ‘Down’ with Out on Film

As an up and coming actor, Matthew Ludwinski had no problems at all relating to his character in “Going Down in La-La Land,” opening Thursday at Out On Film with Ludwinski in attendance.    READ MORE »

Atlanta just lost 643 same-sex couples

When we told you Tuesday about the Census snafu that lost more than 255,000 same-sex households, we wondered how that would impact Georgia and its gay-heavy capital. Now we know.    READ MORE »

Google gaydar, Obama on DOMA, Wal-Mart

Google's “Best Guess” on who’s gay, president says courts will end gay marriage ban, Wal-Mart adds protections for trans workers, North Carolina town cancels Pride, more.    READ MORE »

Ben Cohen coming back to Atlanta for a few pints

How do you say “Happy Pride!” if you’re a gay rugby player in Atlanta? Two words: Ben Cohen. Ready or not, Cohen lands in Atlanta again during Pride.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 25 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Forget your troubles; come on get happy. Easier said than done? Step right up. There are plenty of reasons to smile on today's Gay Agenda calendar of LGBT-ATL events.    READ MORE »

Thursday: Matthew Ludwinski’s Atlanta exposure

Welcome to Atlanta, Matthew Ludwinski. The sexy actor is here to open Out on Film and get cruised–um, do an audience Q&A–after “Going Down in La-La Land.” So we take a closer look, ab by tight ab.    READ MORE »

Celebs line up for GLAAD’s Atlanta birthday bash

When GLAAD throws a birthday party for itself, this lady celebrates like a gay boy: An over-the-top affair with cocktails and a guest list that will make any paparazzi proud. It’s coming to Atlanta on Saturday.    READ MORE »

Action! Schedule your Out on Film close up

The movies are set, special guests are arriving, and all but the popcorn is in your grasp to sit back, relax and enjoy Atlanta’s LGBT film fest. Flip through our guide to cinematic fabulosity.    READ MORE »

Two down, two to go in Eagle raid lawsuits

The City of Atlanta is close to settling another lawsuit over the botched Eagle raid–two down, two to go–despite increasingly combative rhetoric from Mayor Kasim Reed over the continued litigation.    READ MORE »

Gay ‘Survivor,’ Prop 8 tapes, Stonewall basher

“Survivor” debuts gay bear, court puts Prop 8 recordings on hold, prison for Stonewall Inn attacker, gay NBA exec finds new team, GLAAD’s LGBT TV count, buying Obama face time, more.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 24 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Get your priorities in order. Your to-do list may be long, but you won't mind adding and accomplishing a just-for-you task from the selections on today's Gay Agenda of LGBT-ATL events.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: The sexy swagger of Michael Maxim

Hot body. Much attitude. That’s Michael Maxim, a 22-year-old Charlotte guy who likes to strut and model when he’s not building more muscle in the gym.    READ MORE »

Bucks scrum way through fall season [photos]

With two skills sessions–and Ben Cohen–behind them, the Atlanta Bucks Rugby Football Club opened its brief home schedule this month while getting ready for the return of its tournament during Pride.    READ MORE »

Census loses 255,000 same-sex households

The Census said Tuesday that it lost a quarter of a million same-sex households. That’s 255,533 gay homes wandering the streets at all hours. Will it impact Georgia's big gay population gain?    READ MORE »