AIDS riders toast way toward big gay vaccine ride

Another beautiful Saturday shone on gay Atlanta just in time to raise the roof and some money on a margarita bust and benefit. The riders of the AV200 and their supporters took full advantage at Zocalo.    READ MORE »

Jerusalem House parties with stars to say thanks

Jerusalem House toasted its supporters for 25 years of support with a swanky party and silent auction at the Biltmore in Midtown Atlanta on Thursday.    READ MORE »

Delta chief blasts anti-gay efforts in Georgia

Delta CEO Richard Anderson and other business leaders in Atlanta came out swinging against efforts to pass "social legislation" in Georgia, calling the anti-gay measures harmful to business.    READ MORE »

The 15 best Atlanta chests on Grindr this week

Picking the perfect chests on Grindr is arduous work. But since we provided our picks for the 18 best Atlanta chests, you've asked for more. So we toughed it out to find you more torsos.    READ MORE »

These 5 couples win Big Gay (Il)legal Weddings

What’s more tenacious than a bridezilla at a dress sale? A gay groomzilla in a nationwide contest for a dream wedding. Well, hands at your sides, clamoring gay couples. The results are in.    READ MORE »

Bitter lady really wants Ga. GOP to go anti-gay

The parade of mean lady Republicans in Georgia who want to keep rallying supporters with anti-gay rhetoric is long. (There are men, too.) Yet there's always room for one more. Meet Virginia Galloway.    READ MORE »

Sex doesn’t make this gay comic ‘alternative’

Cameron Esposito is “the future of comedy.” She is a fighter pilot, a vision in denim and whip smart. The lesbian comic brings her hilarious comedy and distinct take on gay culture to Atlanta this weekend.    READ MORE »

Falcons player: OK with gay jock in locker room

Atlanta Falcons linebacker Sean Weatherspoon says he'd be OK with sharing the locker room with gay NFL prospect Michael Sam. He should know; the pair already did it in college.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

Atlanta’s Gay Agenda of LGBT events is always crowded, but this week your social calendar gets extra nuts. Look for special events and annual one-nighters among your sports, shows and soirees.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta club damaged in predawn fire

The late-night club where gay pop singers perform and former "RuPaul's Drag Race" queens pack the place was damaged during an early morning fire on Thursday.    READ MORE »

Atlanta cop fired for Eagle raid lies gets job back

A Georgia court ordered Atlanta to rehire Sgt. Willie Adams, one of several police officers fired for lying about their roles in the botched raid of gay Atlanta bar the Eagle.    READ MORE »

Trinity K. Bonet hits ‘RuPaul’s’ bottom – again

Atlanta gal Trinity K. Bonet continued her "RuPaul's Drag Race" roller coaster ride on Monday, sinking to the bottom under the weight of her self pity just a week after such an inspiring performance.    READ MORE »

How Alabama may help Georgia get gay marriage

That sad map about the reality of gay marriage in Georgia notwithstanding, there is hope for marriage equality in the state. But it just might come from Alabama.    READ MORE »

This Ga. Democrat won’t back workplace equality

Rep. John Barrow, a Georgia Democrat, can't be bothered to co-sponsor a bill that would ban discrimination against LGBT employees, making him one of just eight Democrats who refuse to do so.    READ MORE »

This gay Atlanta white boy will teach you to twerk

It’s been more than a year since Atlanta baby gay Cael Harden made the boys bounce with his booty and dropped "How To: Twerk." The YouTube video attracted more than a million views, so we reached out to see if he's still twerking and what pushed this diva to viral success.    READ MORE »

$25 gets you a night of anti-gay hate in Atlanta

For $25, you can watch Erick Erickson spew his anti-gay bile up close and personal over dinner. Which is a change from listening to the conservative shill do it on Atlanta radio for free.    READ MORE »

LGBT refugees may cockblock your Grindr

Grindr is all about viral marketing. Selling your chest as gay Atlanta's best. Even pitching a meaty culinary three-way. But do guys quenching their thirst really want to think about LGBT refugees?    READ MORE »

Joe’s patio opens floodgates on Sunday Funday

Picture-perfect weather and all of Atlanta’s winter-worn gays in bloom again could only mean one thing: Joe’s on Juniper was open for outdoor shenanigans on Sunday, including a beer bust fundraiser.    READ MORE »

Jocks of Hotlanta Softball swing, slide into new season

The gay jocks of Hotlanta Softball took to the field on Sunday, opening their latest season with a full schedule of games. Sandwiched between two beer busts, of course.    READ MORE »

Gay softball jocks raise glass to spring season

One of the sure signs that spring has sprung in gay Atlanta is the return of Hotlanta Softball. The gay league that’s as beer busty off the field as they are competitive on it got down to it on Saturday.    READ MORE »