‘Don’t get panties in wad’ over gay marriage suit

Retired conservative radio gabber Neal Boortz unloaded on Republicans in Georgia fretting over a challenge to the state's gay marriage ban: The gays will win and you need to get over it.    READ MORE »

Sister Louisa blesses Athens with 2nd ‘Church’

Gay gadabout Grant Henry knows just what to say to make us smile, even moreso on Thursday when he announced that his Sister Louisa’s Church will open a second location in Athens.    READ MORE »

Republican: Don’t fight gay marriage lawsuit

The lone Republican in the U.S. Senate race in Georgia who backs gay marriage says he supports a new lawsuit challenging the state's ban on it and argued against officials spending money to defend it.    READ MORE »

Haters come out to defend GA’s gay marriage ban

It didn't take long for the anti-gays to surface after gay Georgians filed a lawsuit against the state's marriage ban. The takeaway? Repent and pray for the guy who will stand up and fight you in court.    READ MORE »

Meet the 7 people suing to overturn Georgia’s gay marriage ban

A veterinarian. A business manager. Two Atlanta police officers. A lawyer. A Realtor. A widow. Those are the seven plaintiffs behind a federal lawsuit filed Tuesday to undo Georgia's nearly 10-year-old ban on gay marriage.    READ MORE »

This is why you don’t get a gay reporter drunk at your house

When you’re a former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star who got used to unwarranted attention, you might over-serve a gay Atlanta magazine reporter known for airing dirty laundry. Ask Kim Zolciak Biermann.    READ MORE »

Atlanta’s gay weather daddy loves his cocktails

Give New York transplant and soon-to-be HRC honoree Sam Champion a cocktail and a kiki and Atlanta's new gay weather daddy gets Southern. Real Southern.    READ MORE »

Give back to Lost N Found while Kroger-ing

Your grocery shopping might be one of the less glamorous gay things to do in Atlanta, but onto the Gay Agenda it must go. LGBT organizations upped the ante on your motivation to get it done.    READ MORE »

Georgia store manager removes ‘fags’ signs

An outcry over signs in a Georgia convenience store saying that only "fags" wear baggy pants prompted the manager who made them to remove them amid clumsy attempts at damage control.    READ MORE »

Chick-fil-A called ‘cowards’ for not dissing gays

Poor Dan Cathy. When the Chick-fil-A CEO hated on gays, the gays hated back. Now as he tries to sort of make amends by quieting his anti-gay rhetoric, his once Christian backers are turning on him.    READ MORE »

Georgia store tells ‘fags’ to pull up their pants

A business owner in LaGrange posted signs in his southwest Georgia convenience store warning customers with baggy pants that they look like "fags" and he won't serve them.    READ MORE »

Ga. may finally get its own gay marriage lawsuit

The ears of gay couples across Georgia just perked up with this legal tease from LGBT activists: Expect a lawsuit to challenge the state's ban on same-sex marriage.    READ MORE »

Senate race with gay hopeful icky, costly affair

A campaign between two Democrats, one of them gay, for a state Senate seat is turning into a nasty, expensive affair splitting LGBT allegiances, prompting calls of dirty tricks and raising $315,000.    READ MORE »

Meet the gay Republican running for the Georgia House

A gay Republican and former opera singer hopes to unseat a Democrat incumbent in a district that leans Democratic on his way to becoming the first openly gay man elected to the Georgia House.    READ MORE »

Dirty dozen Atlanta Braves heat up 2014 roster

It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it. As the Atlanta Braves open their season and gay fans steel ourselves for hot jock overload, we hone in on the hottest guys in this season’s lineup.    READ MORE »

Delta chief blasts anti-gay efforts in Georgia

Delta CEO Richard Anderson and other business leaders in Atlanta came out swinging against efforts to pass "social legislation" in Georgia, calling the anti-gay measures harmful to business.    READ MORE »

These 5 couples win Big Gay (Il)legal Weddings

What’s more tenacious than a bridezilla at a dress sale? A gay groomzilla in a nationwide contest for a dream wedding. Well, hands at your sides, clamoring gay couples. The results are in.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta club damaged in predawn fire

The late-night club where gay pop singers perform and former "RuPaul's Drag Race" queens pack the place was damaged during an early morning fire on Thursday.    READ MORE »

Atlanta cop fired for Eagle raid lies gets job back

A Georgia court ordered Atlanta to rehire Sgt. Willie Adams, one of several police officers fired for lying about their roles in the botched raid of gay Atlanta bar the Eagle.    READ MORE »

How Alabama may help Georgia get gay marriage

That sad map about the reality of gay marriage in Georgia notwithstanding, there is hope for marriage equality in the state. But it just might come from Alabama.    READ MORE »

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