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Social Tuesdays gets ‘Luckie’ downtown

imageSocial Tuesdays cruised into downtown Atlanta this week and got "Luckie."

That's "Luckie" as in the new Luckie Marietta District remaking a once blighted section of Marietta Street running from the CNN Center into West Midtown. It's now filling with condos, refurbished buildings and nightlife, including Wine Loft.

The upscale wine bar hosted the gay nightlife event on Nov. 25, offering more than 90 wines by the glass and 230 by the bottle. The venue opened recently and offers an upbeat and contemporary atmosphere. Even better when the weather allows is an expansive room that opens onto a large patio overlooking Marietta and the up-and-coming district.

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Obama, domestic violence, HIV end, ‘Milk’

image Florida ban on gay adoptions ruled unconstitutional.
Obama team denies it will delay ‘Don’t Ask’ repeal.
Obama appointments to cabinet, transition team good sign for LGBT community.
"Milk": Freedom fighter in life becomes potent symbol in death.
Gay media watchdog group announces layoffs.
Legal fight against Prop 8 heats up.
Drag artist Anna Warhola (photo) collapses on stage in San Francisco.
Poll: Majority of Iowans support either gay marriage or civil unions.
HIV response report card gives U.S. low grade for missing work.
Partners in abusive same-sex relationships less likely to reach out for help.
God-fearing policeman sacked over emails about sinful homosexuality.
Why churches fear gay marriage?
Legal experts puzzled over California justice's seeming reversal on Prop. 8.
Two gay names among Hillary Clinton replacements.
French politician vindicated over homophobic comments.
Canadian province sued over gay marriage rule.
Are we being bullies? Debate rages over boycotts.
Mormons investigated on Prop. 8 funding.
Man who infected ex-wife with HIV ordered to pay $12.5 million.
Study claims HIV could be eliminated in decade.
Life sentence for gay man in intern murder.
Federal lawsuit filed over HIV+ student bullying.

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What could $60,329 buy for gay Georgians?

imageThe battle over Proposition 8 reached into the pocketbooks of some 308 Georgians. But could the money have been better spent?

The anti-gay marriage amendment California, which voters approved on Nov. 4, received nearly $72,000 in donations from supporters and opponents across Georgia, according to Southern Voice. The newspaper reviewed donations through a donor tracker from the Los Angeles Times that allows you to find out who gave donations of $35 or greater and find them based on name, city, zip code or state.

Of the $71,579 in donations from Georgia, $60,329 was from opponents of the measure, with $11,250 from those supporting. Both sides on the Prop. 8 battle raised a combined $75 million to fund their campaigns.

But could those thousands of dollars in donations be better spent in Georgia?

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These are the sexiest men in Atlanta?

imageSexy is always subjective. It's a matter of personal taste, often dependent on how late the time and how many drinks you've downed.

People decided it was Hugh Jackman, recently naming the actor as its "Sexiest Man Alive" for 2008. Now, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is weighing in, no doubt the crafty work of one of the many gay men employed by the paper who convinced their editors this was a worthwhile project for We certainly agree.

The results, though, are mixed.

There's more, including additional photos, after the jump.

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Cesar Millan trains you, not your dog

imageYou'd think Cesar Millan wants to harness that puppy power and train your reckless dog. But in fact, he wants to train you.

If you spoil a dog and they don’t have to work for it, you get an out-of-control dog. A dog, what he wants is a good walk, interaction with others of his kind and rules. The most positive thing I’m doing is training a human to be a calm, assertive leader. I don’t train dogs, I train people.

The star of the show "Dog Whisperer" hits town Dec. 5 to pitch his new book and holds a seminar the next day.

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Atlanta’s top chefs speak to AEN

image Two of the city's top restauranteurs paid a visit to the Atlanta Executive Network on Nov. 20 during the gay business group's monthly meeting.

Bob Amick and Todd Rushing (photo) -- the force behind Concentrics Restaurants and gay fav concepts including One Midtown Kitchen, Two Urban Licks and Trois, which hosted the meeting -- dished about their careers in the restaurant industry. Next up for AEN is its annual holiday party set for Dec. 11.

View the Project Q Atlanta photo album from the event. View additional photos here. (Photos by Dan Lax)

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Boy George, Curve, HIV, Milk, Miami

image Savannah gay couple pleased to be "plain old married couple."
Some 233,000 Americans may unknowingly have HIV.
Miami judge to rule on state’s gay-adoption ban.
Debate continues over Prince's alleged anti-gay remarks.
Gay Mayor of Paris distances himself from Socialist party infighting.
New rights for Australian gay and lesbian couples approved by Senate.
Burundi MPs vote to criminalise same-sex acts ahead of UN appeal.
Potential boycott of Utah could impact annual Sundance Film Festival.
Gays told to remember gay-friendly merchants this holiday season.
Liberal Hollywood ponders next step in fight for same-sex marriage.
Harvey Milk: Gay icon's message lives on.
Dianne Feinstein does about-face on same-sex marriage.
Curve magazine slashes staff.
New York insurers ordered to recognize same-sex marriages.
Boy George pleads not guilty to chaining, imprisoning gay hustler.
Conservative groups begin battle to preserve federal DOMA.
Australia approves rights for gay couples.
Episcopal Church dissidents aim for new church.
Lesbian murderers to be split up after reports of jail sex.
HIV infections in Germany slow pace for first time since 2000.

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Out & Equal launches Atlanta affiliate

imageOut & Equal Workplace Advocates launched its Atlanta affiliate last week with a packed event that called attention to longtime advocates and workplace activism.

The Atlanta group is the 13th affiliate of the organization, which provides resources for gay employees and companies to promote equality in the workplace. More than 500 people attended the event, held inside a ballroom of Twelve at Atlantic Station.

Lesbian radio personality Melissa Carter (photo) presided over the evening, which included a tribute for the National Transgender Day of Remembrance and an extensive program calling attention to advocates and efforts to promote workplace equality.

There's more, including a photo album, after the event.

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A call to turn activism into movement

imageJustin Ziegler, the president of the Atlanta Executive Network, called on the hundreds of people who took part in two rallies for gay equality earlier this month to harness that energy and turn it into a deeper mobilization for equality.

The call came in a guest column in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution highlighting the energy and enthusiasm he witnessed during the events at the State Capitol and in Midtown on Nov. 15. The rallies were part of a nationwide campaign that touched cities across the country.

Now, I issue a call to action — not to Congress, not to our new president and not to our local politicians, but to all of us living our daily lives within our own communities. It is time for us all to take this energy we created and do something positive. We cannot forget those who came before us.

Now, while we are still feeling that sense of pride and accomplishment from the protests, we must move forward and take the next step. I challenge the next set of activists to mobilize the troops, unite our community and let our voices be heard.

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Monday: Two things to do today

There's quite a dichotomy in gay events tonight.

MADONNA: She's in town sans Guy Ritchie, thanks to her recent divorce. No word if Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez will be here to watch her and the concert, which starts at 8 p.m. at Philips Arena. If that's not enough, stop by the after party at Amsterdam.

MARTIN: LGBT Georgians for Jim Martin and the National Stonewall Democrats are teaming up to raise cash for Jim Martin, a gay-friendly former state lawmaker in a runoff against U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss for his Senate seat. The 60th Seat Project begins at 6:30 p.m. at Amsterdam. The name for the event teases the fact that Democrats are two seats away from capturing a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, with races in Georgia and Minnesota undecided.

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