Fall shitshow, gay Batwoman block, Dan Savage

Sean Hayes can’t save gay TV, writers exit “Batwoman” after DC nixes gay marriage, “It Gets Better” #dumpstoli columinst’s much-hotter husband, Obama to meet Russia gay groups, more.    READ MORE »

Macklemore, gay BSB, Putin panty, Leslie Jordan

Watch Macklemore “come out” to Chelsea Handler, Backstreet Boy AJ comes out as "world’s biggest fag hag," artist out of Russia after cross-dressing Putin pics, Jordan joins “AHS: Coven," more.    READ MORE »

Bayard Rustin’s day, gay rapper Le1f, Walmart

March on Washington 50th anniversary coverage finally includes “gay bad ass,” Le1f has no “Same Love” for Macklemore, Walmart extends partner benefits to gay employees, more.    READ MORE »

Ricky Martin, gay and gray, NM marriage, NHL

Singer bullied out gay kids, LGBT celebs over 65 define new age for activism, New Mexico judge declares gay marriage legal, Courtney Love's gay fans, NHL Olympians against Russia, more.    READ MORE »

Robbie Rogers, gay VMAs, Ginsburg reflects

Out soccer player hangs with Chelsea Handler, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis win and performance caps queerest VMA moments, Ruth Bader Ginsburg dishes on marriage ruling, more.    READ MORE »

George Takei, gay hoax, Matt Bomer, new moms

Task force honors “Star Trek” actor, “gay-to-straight” schools reports are fake, “White Collar” actor joins Ellen and NPH in Wentworth Miller celebration, lesbian “Today” anchor has baby, more.    READ MORE »

Wentworth Miller, gay TV chaos, HIV brain drain

Actor comes out gay against Russia law, gay American journalist creates mayhem on Ruski TV, brain function among HIV-positive, WikiLeaker’s transgender intentions, court rules for poz guy, more.    READ MORE »

Justin Bieber, gay movies, ‘Nick’ star comes out

Leif Garrett warns Justin Beiber of gay creepers wanting in his pants, Nickelodeon’s “Fred Frigglehorn” actor Lucas Cruikshank confirms he’s gay, GLAAD slaps Hollywood studios, more.    READ MORE »

Macklemore lesbians, gay teens, pioneer death

Women engaged on stage with Macklemore, sexting bombshell blows lesbian teen case wide open, Alabama GOP wants pro-gay college Republican out, first gay candidate dies at 90, more.    READ MORE »

Lee Daniels, gay NASCAR, Russia kiss, Grindr

“Butler” director talks black homophobia; out gay drivers and other raceway employees; Russian athlete kiss; artist fakes Grindr profile for dick pics; Jersey bans “ex gay” therapy, more.    READ MORE »

Madonna boys, gay vet booed, lesbian teen plea

Birthday flashback to Madonna’s hottest boy toys, council meeting boos gay Iraq veteran, teen sex defendant gets plea deal, football legend's gay rights fight, Colbert’s smallest gay-friendly town, more.    READ MORE »

Andy Cohen, gay pro wrestler, Prop 8 dead

Bravo exec won’t host Miss Universe in Moscow, WWE superstar Darren Young comes out as gay, last hope for anti-gay Prop 8 dashed in court, “Glee” Cory Monteith tribute, more.    READ MORE »

Lady Gaga, gay Russia mayhem, Navy proposal

“RuPaul” queens in “Applause” video and Cher duet part of Gaga leak week, IOC to punish pro-gay Sochi athletes, Pentagon approves gay married policy, sailor proposes to boyfriend, more.    READ MORE »

Queen Latifah, ‘gay panic’ demise, trans students

Talk show won’t include Latifah coming out, American Bar votes to curb “gay panic” defense, transgender protections signed into law, Vogue’s Andre Leon Talley not "gay," more.    READ MORE »

James Franco, gay Russia, spouse visas, NOM

Actor tease Comedy Central roast with makeout, global gay protests of anti-gay Russia law, embassies issue family visas to gay green card spouses, NOM tactics investigated, more.    READ MORE »

‘Real World’ death, presidential medals, B Scott

Pedro Zamora’s “Real World” husband Sean Sasser dies; gay porn murder; Medals of Freedom to gay icons Bayard Rustin and Sally Ride; B Scott sues BET; marriage leave for gay soldiers; more.    READ MORE »

Lady Gaga, gay Batman, Obama, Tom Daley

Gaga, Madonna and the president take on anti-gay Russia law, caped crusader as aging gay narcissist, Tom Daley tops gay Britain, Seattle hate crime, pro- and anti-gay colleges, more.    READ MORE »

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