This drunk goes from gay bar to Cheshire to jail

Late into a night of cocktailing in gay Atlanta, this drunk guy and his wingman decide to call it quits. So they jump in a taxi outside their 10th Street bar and take off. Now the real adventure starts.    READ MORE »

Ex accused of taking girlfriend’s young son

The 4-year-old son of an Atlanta woman was returned to his mother on Thursday, a week after her ex-girlfriend picked him up at a daycare center and police said she was a suspect in his disappearance.    READ MORE »

Gay couple’s fight over Facebook ends in jail

Facebook offers 11 ways to describe your relationship. But for this gay Atlanta couple, "It's complicated" doesn't grasp the nuances. Or hint at the jail time that resulted over a post on the social network.    READ MORE »

Gay man murdered inside his Cobb County home

Cobb County police are seeking the killer of a 46-year-old gay man brutally stabbed several times after a struggle inside his east Cobb home in late January.    READ MORE »

Twink steals $6,800 in stuff from his gay daddy

This gay Atlanta daddy needs a refresher course in twink idioms: Fool me once and I'll bail you out of jail. Fool me twice and you'll get relieved of your cash, crystal figurines and Tiffany's ring.    READ MORE »

Protective bro gets bloodied at gay bar’s last call

Some lessons on how not to end your night of cocktailing in gay Atlanta: Don't call the bouncer a faggot. Don't tell a cop to suck your dick. And definitely, do not start a brawl at last call.    READ MORE »

Friends raising funeral funds for slain gay man

A former employer of a young gay man from Atlanta who was killed in Florida has launched an online campaign to raise money to help pay for his funeral.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta porn twink killed in south Georgia

Police say a postal worker who worked in south Georgia killed a young gay man and former porn actor who grew up in metro Atlanta, dumping his body in a wooded area near the Georgia-Florida border after an argument turned deadly.    READ MORE »

No, this gay masseur didn’t rub your lady parts

That firm sensation you feel during an intimate massage isn't always what you think. But that didn't stop a woman from fixating on this gay Atlanta guy's alleged boner and calling the cops.    READ MORE »

HIV deniers play part in Atlanta bareback case

It's tough to tell what's worse in an Atlanta case criminalizing HIV: a prosecutor comparing HIV to a deadly weapon, the accused arguing his status can't be proven or HIV deniers spouting their junk.    READ MORE »

Effort to find gay Atlanta man’s killers goes sky high

Eight months after a gay Atlanta man was killed and his roommate shot, police still don't know who pulled the trigger. So the family of one of the men is unveiling billboards to help crack the case.    READ MORE »

A gay hoarder’s domestic dispute turns bloody

What's worse? Your partner is a hoarder? Or that he's willing to smack you around a little to protect his mounds of junk? It's a question this gay Atlanta couple is pondering.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta man’s makeup ruins Christmas

Nothing says "Happy Holidays" quite like ruined makeup, a physical confrontation and a wrestling match over the TV remote. Just ask this gay Atlanta couple.    READ MORE »

Man gets 2 life terms for grisly Pride murders

A 24-year-old man received two life sentences for the execution-style killings of two men celebrating Atlanta Black Gay Pride after he befriended one only to later rob him and a friend and shoot them both.    READ MORE »

Atlanta twinks like to rough up their gay daddies

Drunk or in bed–or both–gay Atlanta twinks can be a pain in the ass. That's the testimony of at least two gay men who tried for the young booty only to get badly burned.    READ MORE »

Gay perp turns victim in drag queen robbery

A gay Atlanta guy with a lengthy arrest record, and who's complained that police used excessive force when cuffing him, should make better friends. One helped get him robbed. Another got him arrested.    READ MORE »

These 2 men robbed gay retailer Boy Next Door

Two men smashed through the front door of gay retailer Boy Next Door early Saturday and stole the store's cash register, clothes and electronics. But the store is fighting back.    READ MORE »

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