‘Faggot’-hating drunk tries to stab bro party dude

You know it's a drunkenly bad night when you start screaming "faggot" at the guy trying to sit next to you, attack him with a knife and later demand gay sex from a cop. We're looking at you, "Scar Face."    READ MORE »

Teen tried suicide during sextortion by Ga. man

A Marietta chiropractor doing a 30-year stretch for coercing teen guys into creating gay porn pushed one of victims so hard that it drove him to attempt suicide and pen a disturbing poem.    READ MORE »

Decatur man charged with killing his boyfriend

DeKalb police arrested a 52-year-old Decatur man and charged him with killing his boyfriend and dumping the body behind a tire supply store in Tucker.    READ MORE »

Two Atlanta men plead guilty to gay hate crime

Two men who attacked a gay Atlanta man while yelling gay slurs pleaded guilty on Thursday to a federal hate crime charge, becoming the first convictions in Georgia under the federal law.    READ MORE »

DeKalb jailer busted for gay cellblock sex

You can look but you can't touch. Why do jail officers always forget that? Zel Mitchell is the latest to learn that gay cellblock sex is best left to porn, not the DeKalb County Jail.    READ MORE »

WNBA legend pleads not guilty in attack on ex

Retired lesbian basketball star Chamique Holdsclaw pleaded not guilty on Thursday to six charges for allegedly chasing down her ex girlfriend, smashing her car window and firing a shot.    READ MORE »

Man charged in gay stabbing claims self-defense

A 26-year-old unemployed Cumming man remains jailed without bond after allegedly stabbing a gay man in Midtown during a fight violent enough to break the knife he used.    READ MORE »

Gay man stabbed during attack in Midtown

A 32-year-old gay Atlanta man was stabbed several times during a fight on a Midtown street last weekend and a witness helped detain his attacker as he tried to flee before police arrived.    READ MORE »

Former WNBA player indicted for attack on ex

Retired lesbian basketball star Chamique Holdsclaw faces six criminal charges for her alleged role in chasing down her ex in Atlanta, smashing SUV windows, pouring gas inside and firing a shot.    READ MORE »

Feds charge man who threatened Atlanta gays

A man stocked with weapons who threatened to shoot up an Atlanta comedy club over a gay video and used Facebook to spout anti-gay, racist and anti-trans rants now faces up to 15 years in prison.    READ MORE »

Lesbian half of mom-son murder team convicted

A woman who joined with her son to murder her former girlfriend was convicted a second time on Friday, landing a sentence of life plus 10 years for the brutal stabbing death.    READ MORE »

Atlanta doctor sentenced for gay prison sex

A former prison doctor who tried to play out his gay sex fantasies in Atlanta's federal pen is now an inmate himself. For the next two years and four weeks.    READ MORE »

How kids grow up to be anti-gay haters [video]

Ever wonder if anti-gay haters, the kind that throw around "gay" as an insult, arrive at that hateful place as a result of nature or nurturing? These Atlanta moms prove that teaching kids to hate starts early.    READ MORE »

Don’t help your gay friend beat up the ex

A bitch-slapping brawl with your boyfriend is bad enough, but at least there's the chance of makeup sex. But breaking in to smack you and steal your stuff leaves no chance of reconciliation.    READ MORE »

Judge grants bond for ‘queer’ stabbing suspect

The Atlanta man charged with stabbing five people in a fight during a New Year’s Eve party after he was called “faggot” is expected to be released by Thursday on $35,000 bond.    READ MORE »

Brawling with your boyfriend can cost big bucks

Brawling with your boyfriend can wear a gay out. But after you smack him around, it’s probably best to flee before the cops arrive. Not lay down for a power nap.    READ MORE »

Cheating, fistfight and breakup with a box cutter

When breakups happen in gay Atlanta, shotguns, knives and bleach are sometimes involved. But this gay couple shows they go old school when their relationship sours: fists, punches and a broken tooth.    READ MORE »

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