Anti-gay slurs mar Pride for two Atlanta colleges

Vandals with anti-gay insults and colorful chalk are literring the campuses of two Atlanta colleges as they celebrate Spelhouse Pride with a week of events and parties.    READ MORE »

Time to start thinking Atlanta Pride? Bring it.

Another cold snap, an unpromising Groundhog’s Day prediction, and we’re warming ourselves on thoughts of Atlanta’s big gay Pride festival in October? Yup, and you will too if you’re smart.    READ MORE »

The hunks of Atlanta Pride 2013

From jocks in the park to hunks in the parade and on the dance floor, porn hotties and more than a few go-go boys, Atlanta Pride provided a celebration of six-pack sexiness.    READ MORE »

Gay rugby jocks Ruck-A-Buck for Atlanta Pride

With teams from four other states, the gay Atlanta Bucks rugby squad scrummed their way through Pride on Saturday with play on and off the pitch.    READ MORE »

Badge of honor: Gay cops do Atlanta Pride

When they weren't patrolling the park, or busting a Pride volunteer, a large contingent of gay Atlanta police officers walked in Sunday's parade and showed off their first-ever float.    READ MORE »

Furries cuddle up to show their Atlanta Pride

If drag queens, porn stars, smokers and strippers can show their Atlanta Pride, so can furries right? Right. And celebrate their fetish they did during Sunday's parade and throughout Piedmont Park.    READ MORE »

‘RuPaul’ queens turn it out for Burkhart’s Pride

Already well versed in “RuPaul’s Drag Race” alumni visiting Atlanta, Burkhart’s knew that one or two of them wasn’t going to cut it for Pride. Three were like a “Drag U” reunion, only gayer.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta cop swaps gun belt for Pride mic

Maybe you've heard gay Atlanta cop Brian Sharp belt out the national anthem. Or an inspiring serenade. Or caught this aspiring singer during his performance on Saturday at Pride.    READ MORE »

Welcome to the Jungle: Tony Moran beats Pride

You might expect gay Atlanta’s best dance party to spin into overdrive for Pride. You would be right. DJ Tony Moran and other rainbow treats packed Jungle's dance floor with a wall-to-wall crowd.    READ MORE »

Starlight Cabaret shuts down Pride in style

Even people who don’t do a lot of drag shows the rest of the year tend to stick around Piedmont Park for Pride's Starlight Cabaret, where scores of queens and kings took the stage on Sunday night.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta celebrates in the streets at Pride parade

The size queens of Atlanta Pride did it again, staging a parade full of more than 200 entries that snaked its way through Midtown on Sunday. Rainbow revelry indeed.    READ MORE »

Porn hunks, go-go boys add sizzle to parade

The Atlanta Pride parade offered sexy firefighters in their underwear. But porn stars strutting their stuff with go-go boys? Say hello to the sizzling hot float from BJ Roosters.    READ MORE »

Rainbow Pride love, because haters gonna hate

While you were busy feeling the Pride love, the anti-gay bigots hit Atlanta shouldering all the angst and toxic energy you left behind. A rainbow brigade met them with positive force, and the hate fell flat.    READ MORE »

Gay activist arrested for stealing Pride donations

A gay Atlanta activist was arrested Sunday after Atlanta Pride organizers accused him of stealing at least $170 that he and other volunteers raised in donation buckets during the two-day festival.    READ MORE »

Heretic parties into Pride with Barcelona beats

Heretic injected some Spanish flavor into their overflowing Pride party on Friday, inviting sexy Dani Toro to manhandle the DJ booth. And manhandle is precisely what he did.    READ MORE »

Pansy Patrol’s giant flowers block parade haters

It’s not easy to create an instant hit. But a group on Sunday did just that by sticking their big fat pansies right where they belong – in front of signs by anti-gay bigots during the Atlanta Pride parade.    READ MORE »

Atlanta lesbians rock MSR’s Pride Party

Not every lesbian in Atlanta was at My Sister’s Room for Atlanta Pride’s women’s dance party. It just seemed like it. Toss “Real L Word's” Sara and Whitney into the mix, and it was one for the ages.    READ MORE »

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