Falcons keen on drafting NFL’s first gay player

Georgia is ready for an openly gay NFL player. So are the Atlanta Falcons, so ready that the team is hinting it's one of six squads interested in drafting Michael Sam.    READ MORE »

Gay softball jocks ‘Mixx’ it up off the field

The season of games that bring out all of Atlanta’s gay pitchers and catchers continued on Sunday, but the action went well past game time when the teams hit Mixx for an Extra Innings Beer Bust.    READ MORE »

Gay jocks press on with their gridiron games

The gay jocks of the National Flag Football League of Atlanta hit the field Saturday for their second round of regular season match ups, delivering some gridiron fun complete with drag queen cheerleaders.    READ MORE »

Dirty dozen Atlanta Braves heat up 2014 roster

It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it. As the Atlanta Braves open their season and gay fans steel ourselves for hot jock overload, we hone in on the hottest guys in this season’s lineup.    READ MORE »

Bucks scrum their way through rugby three way

The Atlanta Bucks hosted a rugby three way on Saturday, hitting a pitch in southeast Atlanta for a round robin tournament with gay squads from Nashville and Charleston.    READ MORE »

AIDS riders toast way toward big gay vaccine ride

Another beautiful Saturday shone on gay Atlanta just in time to raise the roof and some money on a margarita bust and benefit. The riders of the AV200 and their supporters took full advantage at Zocalo.    READ MORE »

Jocks of Hotlanta Softball swing, slide into new season

The gay jocks of Hotlanta Softball took to the field on Sunday, opening their latest season with a full schedule of games. Sandwiched between two beer busts, of course.    READ MORE »

Gay softball jocks raise glass to spring season

One of the sure signs that spring has sprung in gay Atlanta is the return of Hotlanta Softball. The gay league that’s as beer busty off the field as they are competitive on it got down to it on Saturday.    READ MORE »

21 reasons to welcome soccer jock Anton Hysén to the South

We're crushing hard on Swedish soccer stud Anton Hysén. Why? He's sexy, talented, gay and coming to the South next month to play with us.    READ MORE »

Flag football jocks lace up for Opening Day

With the margaritas knocked back, and the warm ups over, the nine teams of (mostly) gay jocks hit the gridiron on Saturday as the National Flag Football League of Atlanta opened its new season.    READ MORE »

Softball jocks beer bust their way to Opening Day

As Hotlanta Softball slides into a new season, they are beer busting their way through pre-season preparations. On Saturday, the gay jocks showed their team pride at the league's annual Jersey Party.    READ MORE »

Gay football jocks tip margaritas to spring

Before they can huddle up and grab at each other’s flags, the men of NFFLA have drinking to do. The gay league continued its push toward spring games during the Saint Patty’s Margarita Bust.    READ MORE »

Gay jocks hit gridiron as football season approaches

The gay jocks of the National Flag Football League of Atlanta slipped on their cleats Saturday to hit the field, warm up to the coming season and put rookies through their paces.    READ MORE »

5 ways Sochi’s winter Olympics are super gay

A touch of LGBT always finds a way to wiggle its place in the world. That goes for the Sochi Olympics, even if Putin doesn’t want things gay, and even if Sochi’s mayor says no gays live there.    READ MORE »

Meet Sochi’s openly gay 2014 Olympians

A short list of openly gay athletes in Sochi is an increasingly visible one. As the Games begin and head into opening ceremonies, more eyes will cast toward Russia’s anti-gay laws than ever.    READ MORE »

Rainbow Trout splashes around in their Speedos

Clad in skimpy Speedos and less revealing onesies, some 160 swimmers crowded the pool at Georgia Tech on Saturday to splash around with the gay Atlanta Rainbow Trout and its annual tournament.    READ MORE »

ESPN explores NFL jocks’ forbidden gay sex

Gay fans know that a pro jock came out after retiring from the NFL in the ‘70s, but fewer knew about his sexual encounter with a closeted star player. All is revealed in a new documentary.    READ MORE »

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