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Gold Dome may look at boozing on Sundays

imageLawmakers at the Gold Dome get back to work this week after hiding during Snowpocalypse. While the legislative session always makes the gays nervous, there is hope this year for a little something to toast: Sunday sales. The last governor opposed it, but new Gov. Nathan Deal has hinted he’d sign legislation allowing cities to decide on their own whether to booze it up seven days a week.

Unlike his predecessor, Deal said during the campaign he wouldn’t veto legislation letting local communities decide whether stores could sell alcohol on the Sabbath. Once he gives lawmakers a wink and a nod, look for Sunday boozin’ to become a real possibility — and for Georgia to join the modern world.

Gay bars support it and said so during a meeting in November when they also asked about a return to pre-2003 bar hours. You’d hope Mayor Kasim Reed would back it, too, as a way to soften his request that state lawmakers allow the city to boost liquor and drink taxes in the city. That’s on top of steep increases in license fees for bars, clubs and restaurants that passed last year.