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Hey Loaf, what’s up with your ‘sexual preference?’

imageWe love the Loaf. Let’s just put that out there. How can you not enjoy Creative Loafing and its irreverent take on life in the ATL? Besides, with the retreat of the AJC to the suburbs, the pub is the only non-gay outlet left covering the city that consistently works LGBT issues into their coverage.

But even the good guys screw up. In the paper’s Feb. 2 editorial, they take issue with a host of rankings that attempt to quantify where cities like Atlanta stand on vegetarians, air pollution, vanity and even gayness. It’s there that the Loaf gets itself in trouble, during a discussion of the Advocate’s dropping Atlanta from first to seventh in its list of gayest cities.

Because a city’s gayness is a thing that’s literally impossible to calculate — even the U.S. Census doesn’t account for sexual preference — the Advocate gets creative. Its admittedly unscientific methodology takes into account the number of local gay elected officials, as well as Gay.com profiles, listed officiates for gay weddings, lesbian bars, gay-friendly religious congregations and — get this — the number of times lesbian indie-pop act Tegan and Sara has performed during the past five years.

“Sexual preference” makes many gay folks cringe. It’s a pejorative phrase used for years by anti-gay crusaders bent on convincing folks that being LGBT is a choice. Even gay media watchdog GLAAD includes it on its list of seven most offensive terms for media to avoid. The Loaf should heed that advice. But hey, at least the paper knows better than to use the term “transvestite.”