Atlanta queen’s inspiring ‘Drag Race’ run over

Her runway flair carried her this far, but Atlanta queen Trinity K. Bonet's troubles with the main challenges finally proved fatal on "RuPaul's Drag Race." So she sashayed away.    READ MORE »

Atlanta reality star: ‘Wish I had time’ to be gay

Atlanta's gayest not-gay reality show daddy, Todd Chrisley, set off Don Lemon's gaydar on "The View," prompting the gay host to press him on being "flamboyant and gay." Chrisley got sassy.    READ MORE »

Sex doesn’t make this gay comic ‘alternative’

Cameron Esposito is “the future of comedy.” She is a fighter pilot, a vision in denim and whip smart. The lesbian comic brings her hilarious comedy and distinct take on gay culture to Atlanta this weekend.    READ MORE »

Trinity K. Bonet hits ‘RuPaul’s’ bottom – again

Atlanta gal Trinity K. Bonet continued her "RuPaul's Drag Race" roller coaster ride on Monday, sinking to the bottom under the weight of her self pity just a week after such an inspiring performance.    READ MORE »

Watch sexy Steve Grand’s gay cup runneth over

Fans can’t get enough of sexy gay crooner and Atlanta Pride alum Steve Grand. They won’t have to wait. With a crowdfund tripling his initial budget, “All-American Boy: The Album” is on its way.    READ MORE »

Atlanta queen’s inspiring ‘RuPaul’s’ confessional

Just as Atlanta queen Trinity K. Bonet collapsed into a puddle of self-doubt on "RuPaul's Drag Race," she found her voice and made a surprising confession on Monday's episode.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta bestie’s life lesson: All men cheat

Twirling gay bestie Miss Lawrence delivered life lessons on loving men to the ladies of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" on Sunday, serving up this man-whore realness: All men cheat.    READ MORE »

Atlanta’s gay pop icon embraces his bottomness

Atlanta's not-gay gay pop icon Todd Chrisley has sashayed into the gay abyss. Talking about being a bottom with your son-in-law on your reality show will do that.    READ MORE »

More reasons to love ATL’s new weather daddy

Atlanta's new gay weather daddy, Sam Champion, cuddled with us for three hours on Monday as he took over the Weather Channel's morning show. Along the way, he gave us even more reasons to love him.    READ MORE »

Atlanta queen hits bottom on ‘Drag Race’

Sassy defiance with a side of attitude works well for reality TV, but it's wearing thin with the judges and castmates of Atlanta queen Trinity K. Bonet on "RuPaul's Drag Race."    READ MORE »

Lance Bass wants to help South suck less on gay marriage

It’s hard out there for an LGBT Southerner. Amid improving but still lagging rights and acceptance, gay Atlanta and our Southern brethren can use every gay former ‘90s boy band member we can get. Enter Lance Bass and his groom-to-be.    READ MORE »

The 14 gayest moments from Atlanta’s not gay new reality show

Bankrupt Atlanta millionaire Todd Chrisley is OK with becoming "a gay pop icon." But he's not gay. Unless you watch the premiere of his new reality show, which quip by sassy quip will convince you otherwise.    READ MORE »

Help Philip Bonneau reveal ‘Brave New Secrets’

If you’re following the artistic journey of gay Atlanta photographer Philip Bonneau, you’ve been on a years-long trip to Hell and back. Well, not quite back. Help him exact an ultimate homecoming.    READ MORE »

Gay beards, gay twirls as Atlanta ‘Housewives’ do Mexico

Bling shopper and bonnet queen Miss Lawrence served as the gay beard – figuratively – for Kenya Moore as "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" traveled to Mexico, where the ladies accused Porsha Stewart of being a beard – literally – for her gay-rumored ex.    READ MORE »

Claws, barbs fly for Atlanta’s ‘Drag Race’ queen

The claws came out as Atlanta's own Trinity K. Bonet served up enough to stay safe on "RuPaul's Drag Race" but the sparks flew with sassy rival Bianca Del Rio.    READ MORE »

Meet the new beefcake in RuPaul’s hot Pit Crew

The only thing missing from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Pit Crew of underwear models was more of it. Now RuPaul doubles its membership size and subsequently the size of our appetite for its members.    READ MORE »

Queer comic Erin Foley makes Atlanta laugh

Erin Foley is a powerhouse comedian, hilarious actress, skilled writer and host of the podcast “Sports without Balls.” The lesbian wunderkind brings her act to Atlanta Thursday through Sunday.    READ MORE »

Watch Atlanta queen dazzle in ‘Drag Race’ debut

Trinity K. Bonet served Atlanta drag realness on her "RuPaul's Drag Race" debut on Monday. Had it not been for a misplaced pizza box, this queen could have scored even higher.    READ MORE »

Why can’t Georgia’s attorney general be like this Kentucky guy?

Kentucky, yes Kentucky, gets an attorney general who won't appeal a judge's order requiring the state to recognize same-sex marriages. In Georgia? The state's attorney general forcefully pledges to defend a gay marriage ban even when there's no lawsuit against it.    READ MORE »

Three outrageous rants from Georgia’s ‘livid’ conservatives

The Republican sponsor of Georgia's last remaining "religious freedom" bill finally admitted defeat on Monday, but not before parading out two bitter supporters who promised retribution for anyone not on their side.    READ MORE »

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